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Who was Hans Rott?
The International Hans Rott Society

The International Hans Rott Society / Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft (IHRG)

The Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft, founded on October 19, 2002 during the Bruckner Festival in Würzburg/Germany, is a worldwide operating society based in Vienna where Hans Rott lived and worked.

The goal of the Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft is the scientific research of Hans Rott's life, his creative activity, work and environment as well as the history of his works' reception. For more information about the Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaftplease please see the constitution.

The IHRG Board is formed by the President Dr. Uwe Harten and the Vice Presidents Dr. Bert Hagels and Klaus-Dieter Schramm (at the same time Secretary).

We would be delighted about your effective and financial support of our various activities by becoming a member.

Any donation would also be highly appreciated, of course, as well as donations of objects for the extension of our archives.

As a member you will receive exclusive annual gifts as well as our publication DIE QUARTE (The Fourth) that is generally published twice a year DIE QUARTE. Furthermore you are entitled to reduced tickets for events organized by the Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft and special CD offers.

Please click here for information about membership fees and for an application form.

In case of questions, hints or suggestions kindly contact the Secretary of the IHRG.

Our flyer is available as a pdf file.

Internationale Hans Rott Gesellschaft
c/o Institut für Musikwissenschaft der Universität Wien - Universitätscampus AAKH, Hof IX
Spitalgasse 2-4, A - 1090 Vienna / Austria